15 May


I bought my ticket home….

5 May

Sorry for pretty much forgetting about this blog thing I was doing…but I must admit I kept it up a lot longer then I was expecting…in the time in-between the last post and now, Ive had a few visitors…one being my now fiance who proposed to me here in Budapest :)…Family, 2 of my sisters , Magdi and Sara and Natalie and Megan, and Kati was here and Kindra and the family. lots of pálinka and food and adventures…went to Venice at some point, and visited a Magyar cserkész group in Szlovákia. had  birthday in there, visited family, and went to classes.

Just this week I finally bought a ticket home…waited way to late (the ticket was way to expensive)..and the big date is July 3öth.  Ever since ive bought the ticket ive been in a little funk of a mood. Im excited to go home because I miss so many people and Im ready to move out of this small white walled dorm.  But im definitely not ready to leave Hungary, still so much family I havent seen yet, places I havent been, my hungarian isnt close to where I was expecting it to be (I cant even have a normal flowing conversation with someone) and Im not ready to go home to the english speaking world and the world of paying back crippling student loans.

So this is my solution….all of u move here, and President Obama forgive all my student loans (i promise to use the money I save on good things like eating healthily, and on the movement to end poverty) What do u say


6 Mar

Last weekend, I was invited for a weekend by a good friend (Réka Kocsis) to go to a Disznóvágás in a village called Füzesgyarmat.  It was an amazing weekend of pálinka, music, food, good people and good times….

Ive been getting a bit lazy with my blog here I know…but if u would like to see some pictures..please go to the following link..


But ill post here one of my favorites 🙂

I hope u enjoy the pictures.  a big thanks to Réka and the whole crew for welcoming me in and bringing me along! I had an amazing time with you all!

Mangalica Festivál

7 Feb

vörös mangalica

This past weekend was the Mangalica festivál here in Budapest.  The mangalica is a type of hungarian pig.  Ridiculously adorable.. they have coarse curly hair, and come in 3 colors.  And it is said that the cholesterol level in their meat is significantly lower then other pig.  I was in heaven…not only where there live mangalicák but there there were booths and booths of mangalica meat.  Kolbász, szalámi, szalona, head cheese, liver etc.  I ate lots of samples, drank some nice forralt bor, and enjoyed the live folk and jazz bands

szőke mangalica

there was a milk-cheese section...mmm


I went all three days…and came home with a full belly, some fresh milk, kenőmáj, and some pálinkás marcipán 🙂

Classes have Started again…

26 Jan

Sorry I havent written anything really for a long while….

Classes started back up again last week.  This semester has started out with 2 weeks of intensive language, and then starting monday I will have history, literature, geography, folklore, and some other classes, mixed in with the language.

It finally snowed again a little bit…

view from my window

my roommates sleep to much during the day…

Im excited for new students who will be coming this weekend (mostly from South America)…

ooohhh and I went to England for a few days over break to visit family (Daniel and Natalie)…which I will hopefully get pictures up of soon..

heres a preview…

things to do in Cambridge...

Now I know its not the most animal friendly purchase..but..

3 Jan

..im hoping the liver was made into some very good liba máj, and the meat into a nice soup or stew or roasted deliciously…

I bought a large Hungarian sized goose down pillow!

Ive wanted one for a very very long time…

I saw an advertisement in a magazine about a man who has a little old fashioned goose down pillow and blanket shop, where he makes everything by hand.  I decided to go and just see how expensive they were.

I so wish I would have brought my camera with me…because the shop was this cute little basement shop..with old wooden steps leading down into it.  The owner, Szántó Tamás (a skinny tall mustached middle aged man), buzzed me in and when I walked down the whole shop was full of little feathers floating and blowing around.  There were a few shelves with pillows and blankets..and a back room with a large table, a few old machines, and huge bags of goose feathers.  When he asked what I would like…I said, well I would like a pillow but how much?….a large Hungarian sized pillow…was $30.  I was expecting a lot more…so I said sure.   I wont go into complete detail about my purchase…But the owner was really sweet. We talked about the family shop, how long its been in business, how he gets his feathers from Debrecen, and why they are the best.  He showed me how the machines worked and how he makes the blankets.  How he will ship any where in the world, but that shipping is really expensive.  We talked about why I was here, and about my family and a little bit about the Hungarian communities back home.  In the end he gave me a free small little pillow 🙂

The blankets were so tempting…but I successfully resisted.  I told him id probably be back 🙂

On my way home I bought cute fabric to make pillow cases 🙂

I was so excited about my purchases I walked all the way home with a big garbage bag thrown over my back..

Now the big question..is how to get it home 🙂

The website for shop http://www.paplan.hu/ Elfenbein.


28 Dec

I had an amazing Christmas here at home away from home.  I must admit I missed everyone back in the US, but Im blessed to have an amazing loving family here in Hungary to spend the holiday with.

now I did break the handle off of my cousins washing machine, and gave flowers to another cousin which ended making her throat close up, her body turn red and swell up…but besides those two things it was good 🙂

a few pictures..

24th (in Hungary, you open your gifts, brought by baby Jesus on the evening of then 24th)

tree at the Froghyars

Freba freaking out about her Justin Bieber concert ticket gift 🙂

Soma rockin on his new electric guitar!

some poker playing


Dinner at Davids on the 25th

some gift opening

Jázmin reciting poems at Katas

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas…love u all…and thank you to family here!